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The GolfGreatly Mission

Rating the best golf courses wherever you are—that's what we're all about. After you read a GolfGreatly expert golf course review, you'll know about the history of the course, its current playing conditions, all the data and details that make it unique, and perhaps most importantly, what a full round at the course is really like. We take you on a hole-by-hole journey with original photography and expert analysis based on decades of combined playing experience. The perspective is that of the dedicated amateur golfer: our reviewers play to a handicap somewhere between 5 and 10, and we've played courses ranging from Pebble and Pasatiempo at the top end to Trona (you don't want to know...well, maybe you do) at the bottom. In short, our mission is to take you on an immersive journey through every golf course so you can make an informed decision about which course to play next. Fore please! Thanks for stopping by, and see you on the links.